Turnstile Container

We were asked by a security management client to supply turnstile containers to be used as secure access to various sites in the UK. The key concept with a containerised turnstile is that the units can quickly be dropped in when needed, providing flexible, secure and cost-effective site access solutions.

Before our client commissioned the units and wired in their biometric access for the turnstile units we carried out the following work:

  • Build 10ft x 8ft containers made from good quality 40ft cut-down containers
  • Each 10ft container to feature 1 set of original container doors and 1 CE marked manual roller shutter door, both set of doors on the 8ft sides
  • Fabricate 1 aperture for cable entry on-site
  • Fit free-issue turnstile, including mesh surround either side, with luggage gap

This container design is proving very popular with multiple units now having been built and different turnstile types being fitted within the containers.