Container Security


Container Lock BoxVandalism & Theft

Vandalism and theft are, unfortunately, part of modern life, and most experts agree that the best ways to combat crime are often the simplest. Talk to the police and they will tell you to lock it up! Theft makes up a huge portion of total crime, but luckily it is so easy to prevent with the right security.

Mr Box supply various products in addition to our storage containers for extra protection and security, to ensure safe storage of expensive tools and equipment.


High security

Container PadlockOur containers are constructed from tough anticorrosive steel, have marine specification paint, and are specially designed to be vandal proof. Our containers are very secure and are ideal for storing valuable goods. We fit our stores with a high security locking system, which uses a steel shroud to protect the lock from bolt-croppers, angle grinders, chisels, or other methods of forced entry. When used in conjunction with the high security padlocks we supply, they ensure that unwelcome entry is virtually impossible without specialised cutting instruments. Rather than wasting money on expensive anti-theft devices, why not use our simple yet effective container lock box for protecting your goods?

A recent demonstration of the security containers offer was reported by the BBC on their website. Our customer, who owns a self-storage depot, innocently rented a number of containers supplied by Mr Box to individuals who turned out to be storing in excess of £500,000 of stolen goods inside. After a tip-off, the police raided the self-stores but despite their persistence could not gain access to the containers. They called Mr Box for help and we immediately put them in contact with the self-store owner who assisted them by providing the keys to the units. Naturally, we don’t endorse the behavior of the thieves, but it was refreshing to see that the thieves trusted the containers as being secure enough for their haul, and even the Police could not force entry into the containers.