Kingston Coffee Box – Case Study

The methods used in this conversion project form the standard approach for converting a shipping container for a wide range of domestic applications such as offices, accommodation units, or retail space. Depending on your specific requirements we can accommodate a wide range of materials and finishes throughout these processes.


Setting Out & Structural Work

We started with a new 20ft ISO shipping container, and cut out the apertures for the glazing doors and serving hatch. When creating apertures it is important not to weaken the structure, and to ensure structural integrity we always add strength back in by using steel box frames. This means the container retains its shape when being handled. After priming all the new steel the interior and exterior were re-sprayed using marine grade paint.

Fit Preparation

The next step is to fit first fit electrical items, after which the lining and insulation. In this case we fitted timber studding walls throughout (depending on the use steel lining bars can also be used for adding wall strength). Next we added 150mm of Rockwool insulation. The interior is then ready to be lined with the roof panels being fitted first, followed by the walls. As this unit was being used for food preparation the lining panels within the kitchen area needed to be food grade quality.

Interior Fit

Work began then interior fit out, including the sink and worktops, followed by the second fit electrical items, including the lights, sockets, exterior power input and heating system. The external awning arrived at this stage of the project and was installed.

Finishing Touches

After the rest of the interior furniture was installed, the electrical fit out completed finished and tested we received the sliding doors which were installed into the side of the container. A roller shutter was also fitted to the inside of the serving hatch for added security.

Build Finished

With the inside of the container now complete the branding and lettering was added. It’s at this stage we could really see all the finishes and design elements come together. After a final inspection by the client the Coffee Bar was ready for delivery…

Preparing For Delivery

After making sure we’d secured all the furniture inside and put together a few tins of touch-in paint the container was loaded up onto one of our HIAB delivery trucks bound for Kingston upon Thames. Since the container was going to go inside a courtyard surround by tall buildings it was craned position click the video below to see the box getting put into place!