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10ft Storage Containers For Sale And Hire

The 10ft storage containers for sale or hire at Mr Box are made from durable steel and are fully weatherproof and water tight, keeping contents safe from harm. 10ft containers are ideal for small to medium storage requirements, used to store household goods, retail excess stock or small-scale construction site tools and equipment.

Each container is built with durable steel and features double opening cargo doors to allow easy access. Choose 10ft shipping containers from Mr Box today.

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Outside Length: 3m / 9ft 10in
Outside Height: 2.6m / 8ft 6in
Outside Width: 2.44m / 8ft
Internal Length: 2.84m / 9ft 3in
Internal Height: 2.39m / 7ft 10in
Internal Width: 2.35m / 7ft 8in
Door Width: 2.34m / 7ft 8in
Door Height: 2.28m / 7ft 5in

General Specification

Cubic capacity: 15.1 cubic meters / 561 cubic feet
Max gross weight: 10,160kg / 22,400lbs
Tare weight: 1,300kg / 2,870lbs
Structure: Steel doors, sides, frame, and understructure, with a marine ply floor.
Certification: Units conform to ISO standards and can be CSC plated.